Web Page Hosting & Storage Maintenance

hostingIt is not uncommon for business entities, schools, organizations and individuals in all corners of the world to own their particular web page. Problem will arise from the free storage capacity on the internet, web page storage server or any sort of self-created storage server as the information storage accumulated over time will be overflowed. People as such will consider and look for assistance on the maintenance of their old record and files.

Eight8 Limited has established a large-scale multi-media web page server by our own expertise and efforts. Besides supporting our multi-media business, we could provide rooms for hosting and maintaining web page storages for our clients and our storage server could serve various interactive programmes and languages such as PHP, ASP, JSP, CGI, etc.

We are also dedicated to gradually and continuously enhance our hardware as well as our stringent control over the systems in order that we could be able to win the trust and support from the clients.


  • WEB and WEP Hosting
  • WEB and WEP Maintenance